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St Louis is well known for tourist attractions such as the Gateway Arch. Perhaps it should also be known for its advanced dentist facilities at Creve Coeur. Here you will find new meaning in the terms such as family dentist and pain-free procedures in the form of sedation dentistry.

A family dentist starts with kids. If the kids are not afraid of the dentist then we adults don’t have to be either. So when you are looking for a family dentist, be sure to find one that is good with kids. Of course, you will expect normal things from your family dentist. These would include check-ups, comprehensive dental examinations, mercury-free fillings, tooth extractions, and related general dental procedures. Of course, it will be great if your family dentist also offers other procedures such as orthodontics, cosmetic procedures, implants, bridges, and so on. When adding in a personal touch and a soft touch than you will have more than just white teeth to smile about.

You want to know your family’s dental and oral health is in the best possible hands. You don’t want your children growing up with skew teeth or unhealthy teeth. When children are not afraid of the dentist it makes the process of dental and oral hygiene so much easier. But a family dentist is not only for the children but for moms and dads as well. Now that you are not so afraid you can also have those teeth blemishes corrected. And with sedation dentistry, even the most awful sounding procedures become little more than a walk in the park.

So whether you live in St Louis or just happen to find yourself there, you should seriously consider a visit to the Creve Coeur dentistry. You and your teeth will be much happier for it.