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Everybody wants to have a beautiful smile but not all of us have the Colgate teeth to match. But that can be fixed, especially if you live in St Louis or can go there. Creve Coeur dental office in St Louis offers comprehensive dental procedures and treatments including cosmetic dentistry.

So what can you expect from a cosmetic dentist? Well, let’s assume your teeth lean more toward yellow than white or perhaps you have stains or chips or gaps or perhaps all of these blemishes? Yikes, that does not sound good, now does it? Well, the good news is that the cosmetic dentist at the Creve Coeur dental office can change all of that. Yes, all of it.

You see they offer advanced cosmetic dentistry that includes teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, dental bridges, and composite bonding. What that all adds up to is a complete smile makeover. Now you too can have that Colgate smile that seems to be only for the lucky and the few – you know the fashion models and movie stars. If you have an awkward smile because of unsightly teeth, then cosmetic dentistry is the answer to your prayers.

Porcelain crowns reinforce your teeth and they camouflage chips, cracks, and discoloration. Porcelain also improves the strength of your bite so you no longer have to be restricted to soft and soggy food. Porcelain crowns have a natural appearance and nobody but you and the dentist will be any the wiser.

Composite bonding is another specialty in your cosmetic dentist’s bag of tricks. It is a simple and painless method to mask minor imperfections such as cracks, chips, and gaps. Basically they coat affected areas with tooth color resin. This resin can be crafted to fill chips, gaps, and more.

Now you might wonder why you have suffered so long with unsightly teeth. Well, clearly you did not know about all these new dental technologies and the amazing things they can do at the Creve Coeur dental surgery in St Louis.