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Patient Feedback Survey

At Creve Coeur Dental we are constantly trying to improve the services we deliver to you.
Please take a moment to rate each item.

Your Feedback is important to us and does help make our office a better place for our patients and staff.

  • KEY: 1=Highly Dissatisfied, 5=Highly Satisfied
    Additional comments are encouraged as we use them as a tool for achieving excellence.
  • Was it easy to schedule a convenient appointment? * Required
  • When you arrived at our office, were you greeted in a prompt and friendly manner? * Required
  • Were you seated and seen in a timely fashion? * Required
  • How satisfied were you with your hygienist and the dental cleaning performed? * Required
  • Was the dentist considerate and sensitive to your needs? * Required
  • How would you rate our explanation of patient financial obligations and responsibilities? * Required
  • How would you rate our administrative team’s customer service? * Required
  • How would you rate the cleanliness of the dental facility? * Required
  • How likely are you to return to our dental practice for future dental needs? * Required
  • How likely are you to refer a friend to our dental practice in the future? * Required
  • How friendly, understanding, and warm did you find the administrative team when making your appointment? * Required
  • How pleased were you with your dental assistant’s performance and communication skills during the visit? * Required