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Monday, March 7th, 2016

Only a Professional Medicaid Dentist can provide Brilliant Dental Services

You do get to find such people these days who claim to be wonderful professional dentists, but are not! Many naïve patients believe what they are made to believe, because in most such cases patients are in such dire medical situations that even a fraud doctor seems like God to them. After all, people say that doctors are the other name for God, as they save lives as well. In St. Louis, Medicaid dentists are considered with high regard and we, at Creve Coeur Dental have some of the very best with us. Let us tell you about one of the most revered dentists with us.

Dr. Humaira Rosinski

Our dear Dr. Rosinski is the ultimate people’s doctor and has a pride of place among the very best dental professionals in St. Louis. We are glad to have her with us as she provides excellent expertise to every case that she handles. Her credentials speak for themselves and re-affirm the idea that indeed, only the most qualified can succeed in the field of dentistry.

  • She learnt her craft at New York University and underwent programs to improve her skills at Yale University.
  • Furthermore, she had served in the Air Force and had looked after more than 10,000 US and allied troops over the span of her career there.
  • She is retired now and has devoted her time to look after patients in St. Louis.

Our patients tell us that, if she was good enough for our soldiers risking their lives, then she is good enough for ordinary folks like us. And that’s true isn’t it?

At Creve Coeur Dental we have similar views as our customers. And that is why we only choose the most thoroughly professional doctors to work for us, so that the results always speak for themselves. Medicaid executives must always be appointed carefully and we do so with precision. So come and try our services and walk out with a genuine smile on your face!

Successful Medicaid dentist in St. Louis, MO

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

What does it take to become a professional dentist? The reason why you should choose to become a medicaid dentist in St. Louis

Dentistry is without a doubt an amazing profession. There are a lot of different reasons why college graduates choose to adopt this profession as part of their daily lives. People who choose to follow a medical school have one thing in common though: helping others through their work and dedication.

Have you ever thought about becoming a professional dentist?

Dental medicine is becoming more and more popular amongst young college graduates. But sometimes dental medicine is underestimated. A medicaid dentist is not only the person who fixes your teeth, they are actually responsible for much more than that.

They are directly responsible for their patients’ health and wellbeing as well as preserve their self-esteem.

So what are the most important reasons for joining the dental medicine practice and become a medicaid dentist?

The most relevant answer in this situation is the possibility of helping others, by healing and preserving their oral health at the highest level possible. Which, in turn, involves plenty of other advantages as well: the quality of life and overall appearance of the patient is improved, so they leave the dentistry clinic feeling much more accomplished than when they first came in.

Another positive fact about becoming a professional dentist involves the power to have a more balanced lifestyle. This means that dentists in general have a lot more to say about owning their own dental practice and choosing the hours they need to work, for example.

The third great thing about professional dentistry is that, as a medicaid dentist, you will have the opportunity to work with cutting edge technology, using lasers and computer-assisted diagnosis, and get really involved in the scientific advancement of dentistry.

Finally, the success potential you can have as a professional doctor is truly unique and empowering. Given the fact that the increase in access to care is higher than ever nowadays, dentists have the potential to increase their careers and sharpen their knowledge in their medical domain.

Restorative and reconstructive dentist in St. Louis, MO

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

Looking for a proper restorative dentist in St. Louis? Find out more information about reconstructive dentistry in the article below

Restoring the mouth to a functional and esthetic state is the standard definition of what a restorative dentist has to do on a daily basis. But reconstructive dentistry involves much more than simply replacing or reshaping the teeth.

Let’s talk about the main goal of a restorative dentist and what their qualifications are:

First and foremost, the most important aspect of a restorative dentist’s job is to preserve natural teeth as much as possible. But replacing missing teeth with a dental implant, bridge, full or partial denture also helps promote dental health.

Missing teeth can cause a lot of damage in the long run, if the situation is not taken care of in time. As incredible as that may sound, missing teeth can actually be the cause of tooth cavities or other gum problems. That is because, when teeth are missing, bacteria can fill up in the vulnerable spots left. Even more, the remaining teeth suffer from extra stress because there isn’t enough chewing space area left.

Although, a regular dentist can also practice reconstructive dentistry as part of their daily job, there are also special degrees that can be gained for a better and higher work performance: For example a Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma or Master’s in Restorative Dental Practice will improve their graduates’ prospects of moving to better dental practices, setting up their own dental practices and have a better knowledge and understanding of reconstructive dentistry, in general.

What does tooth restoration imply?

  • fillings: this is the most common type of reconstructive dentistry, while the materials that are used to fill the teeth can range from gold amalgam to plastic materials called resin fillings.
  • crowns: they are usually used to cover a dental implant or restore the tooth’s shape, size or appearance.
  • bridges: this is what restorative dentists use to fill the gaps between missing teeth.
  • implants: these are designed to replace the tooth roots and are usually made of metal.
  • dentures: they are also known as removable replacements for missing teeth and are made of acrylic resin sometimes combined with metal attachments.

A Dentist That Understands Family Dentistry in St Louis

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Legacy dentistry was the old way where you suffered quite a lot of pain and discomfort. It was not something anyone looked forward to. In fact most people would avoid it as much and as far as possible. It was the type of dentistry applied by a dentist with little compassion and who could just as well be a sadist.

Well things have changed. Now you can visit a dentist that is kind and gentle; the kind of dentist that gives new meaning to family dentistry. Well if you live in St Louis or can get there, that is. Creve Coeur is a dentist surgery where pain and dentist are not synonymous. It is the kind of dentistry where you don’t have to carry in the kids kicking and screaming. Now that’s the kind of family dentistry we all want.

Kids in particular can have a hard time at the dentist. That is why it is important to see a dentist that is compassionate and adopts a personalized approach to kids and family dentistry. You want a family dentist who understands how kids think and who knows how to work with them and how to take away their anxiety. This makes future dental care much easier and far less of a challenge for parents and kids alike.

Effective family dentistry is not just about procedures and treatments. It is about psychology, education and understanding. A dentist must be able to communicate with a child on a level that the child can grasp and understand. Such a dentist will create a relationship of trust with your child that will do wonders for your child’s dental health and oral hygiene today, tomorrow and into the future.

Whatever your dental or oral hygiene requirements are, you will receive gentle, professional and expert treatment at Creve Coeur dentistry. They perform all the important services and procedures including implants, root canals, orthodontics, extractions, bridges, crowns, veneers, fillings as well as non-invasive procedures such as facial rejuvenation.