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What Does a Restoration and Reconstructive Dentist Do to Help You?

Dentistry is one of the oldest forms of medical practice and its very earliest forms were quite simple in nature. Things have come a long way though. Now, we can all use the immense progress of this field, in more profound ways. Earlier, a reconstructive dentist could only limit himself to cleaning damaged teeth as much as possible. He could not do much about the actual reconstruction part as he did not have the tools and resources necessary for that. Similarly, a restorative dentist was barely able to replace a defective tooth with a false yet substantially effective one.

Now times have changed. You only have to see the variety of services available in dentistry, to understand the advancement in this field. We, at Creve Coeur Dental in St. Louis, provide you with the very best practices using the latest technology and tools available in the market. Restoration and reconstruction are two of the most popular areas where we get to show our expertise.

What Is Restoration?

In dentistry, it is the process for retaining and preserving existing teeth. We use methods like bonding, implementation of dental bridges, braces, and crowns, installing fillings, etc. in order to make your already damaged teeth heal or last longer than they would have otherwise done so. The materials that we use for fillings are 100% safe and medically approved. We also pride ourselves on having some of the very best tools necessary to do such preservation work. The people of St. Louis have been greatly benefitted by our expertise in this field.

What Is Reconstruction?

Dental reconstruction simply means remaking the dental set-up that you have by installing new teeth or creating the chipped off portions of damaged teeth and reattaching them to the existing teeth. Basically we do dental extraction, implants and oral surgery to bring your teeth set-up back to normal. The St. Louis locals have time and again appreciated our services in this regard.

So, you too can make it a point to make an appointment with us and let us take care of all your dental problems. Get in touch with us right away!