Professional dentist for all family members in the St. Louis area

Only a Professional Medicaid Dentist can provide Brilliant Dental Services

You do get to find such people these days who claim to be wonderful professional dentists, but are not! Many naïve patients believe what they are made to believe, because in most such cases patients are in such dire medical situations that even a fraud doctor seems like God to them. After all, people say that doctors are the other name for God, as they save lives as well. In St. Louis, Medicaid dentists are considered with high regard and we, at Creve Coeur Dental have some of the very best with us. Let us tell you about one of the most revered dentists with us.

Dr. Humaira Rosinski

Our dear Dr. Rosinski is the ultimate people’s doctor and has a pride of place among the very best dental professionals in St. Louis. We are glad to have her with us as she provides excellent expertise to every case that she handles. Her credentials speak for themselves and re-affirm the idea that indeed, only the most qualified can succeed in the field of dentistry.

  • She learnt her craft at New York University and underwent programs to improve her skills at Yale University.
  • Furthermore, she had served in the Air Force and had looked after more than 10,000 US and allied troops over the span of her career there.
  • She is retired now and has devoted her time to look after patients in St. Louis.

Our patients tell us that, if she was good enough for our soldiers risking their lives, then she is good enough for ordinary folks like us. And that’s true isn’t it?

At Creve Coeur Dental we have similar views as our customers. And that is why we only choose the most thoroughly professional doctors to work for us, so that the results always speak for themselves. Medicaid executives must always be appointed carefully and we do so with precision. So come and try our services and walk out with a genuine smile on your face!