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Tooth Extraction Pain – Dry Socket Condition

Have you just had a tooth extraction? Are you experiencing any post-tooth extraction pain? There are many reasons why people are in pain after extracting their teeth. After all, that’s a wound right there in your mouth, so it’s normal to hurt.

However, increased pain and discomfort are not normal. In today’s article, you’ll find some of the causes that might bring you increased discomfort. If you are in St Louis you should get in contact with a qualified dental care company to help you figure out what happened and what needs to be done next.

Dry Socket

Dry socket condition is the most common (and temporary) dental condition that may cause tooth extraction pain. This happens because the underlying nerves and bones are exposed. If you are a smoker, use birth control pills, you don’t have proper oral hygiene, or you have a history of dry socket it is more possible that the condition might occur after a tooth extraction event.

What’s Next?

The best thing you can do when experiencing tooth extraction pain is to call your dentist. If you have already been diagnosed with a dry socket your dentist will clean the socket and prescribe a treatment for you. It is possible that your dentist will prescribe you an antibiotic so the area doesn’t get infected.

When at home is it important to follow the instructions your dentist gave you. Wash every day with special mouthwash and clean with saltwater.

For better results avoid smoking for as long as possible. If you are taking any other medication talk with your dentist about it; birth control can damage the ability of the blood to clog. Try to eat soft foods so you don’t get fragments of food in the socket.

If you are experiencing tooth extraction pain or you need more information about it to contact the specialists from Creve Coeur in St. Louis.