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Sedation Dentistry Takes the Pain out of Implants and Root Canals

Who is not afraid of going to the dentist? A visit to the dentist is an unnerving prospect for most people. You can already feel the pain and hear the spine-chilling sounds of the dentist’s high-speed drill and airotor; not to mention probes that find those painful cavities that almost make you want to jump out the chair. Well, the good news is that sedation dentistry changes all of that. And it gets better when you have a gentle and professional dentist administering light sedation which takes the pain and discomfort out of the equation. Now you can receive implants or undergo a  root canal without the pain and agony.

Creve Coeur is a dental facility in St Louis where you can receive pain-free dental and oral care.

Today there are many dentists that are trained and skilled in sedation dentistry. This form of mild sedation allows patients to relax and experience a pain-free and comfortable dental experience. Dr. Rosinski is just such a doctor and when you consult with her you will never be scared of dental procedures again.

Unfortunately, millions of Americans put off going to a dentist or try and avoid the dentist altogether. Most of us live with some degree of dental fear and will rather suffer some light toothache in the hope that it will just go away. However, steering clear of the dentists jeopardizes your oral hygiene and will often lead to bigger problems down the line. Root canal and implants come to mind.

With the advent of sedative dentistry, patients can receive proper dental care without the fear and pain factor. Sedative dentistry involves the administration of commonly prescribed sedation medications. The sedation is administered orally and leaves you totally relaxed but still alert enough to respond to and communicate with the doctor.