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A compassionate family dentist is an important element of family dentistry.

Family dentistry that is reliable, professional, and affordable is what most people look for. Then when you add state-of-art dental technology and a compassionate family dentist that really cares about the oral hygiene of you and your family, then you have pretty much found the perfect family dentist. And that is exactly the type of family dentistry you will find at Creve Coeur in St Louis. There you will find a caring yet professional team that offers a wide spectrum of dental services and solutions. And once the kids have been there you won’t need to drag them in kicking and screaming the next time.

It is important that your kids practice proper oral hygiene from a young age. After all, some kids start teething at the tender age of 3 months while others might only start teething after a year. Once your kids start teething they should brush their teeth with specially formulated toothpaste designed for kids. Adult toothpaste contains more fluoride than kids need and since they often swallow excessive fluoride can be toxic.

At around the age of 3, your child should have his or her first dental examination. Now when you have a compassionate and caring family dentist this process is a lot easier. You should take your child to the dentist before dental problems develop. This way your kid’s first visit to the dentist won’t be traumatic and future problems can be avoided. Thereafter your child should have bi-annual dental check-ups to ensure healthy teeth and that beautiful smile we all desire. Regular visits to your family dentist are an essential part of oral hygiene and it is a proactive step that enables your dentist to identify and correct minor problems before they become major ones.

Of course, family dentistry is about the whole family and whether you need teeth whitening, cosmetic procedures, implants, crowns, veneers, or inlays, you can rely on the compassionate team at Creve Coeur for professional and state-of-the-art dental solutions.