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Creve Coeur is a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) dental facility in St Louis where they take care of your dental and oral hygiene needs. They have a philosophy of overall dental health and there cutting edge technologies and highly trained and skilled staff will ensure your dental procedures and treatments are done professionally and also caringly.

At Creve Coeur DDS patients feel comfortable knowing there procedure is effective and pain-free and that treatments are performed in a compassionate manner ensuring your maximum comfort and peace of mind. With the kind of service and treatment you receive at Creve Coeur, you might actually look forward to your next consultation with the DDS. Quality dentistry using the most advanced and pain-free techniques makes going to the dentist a breeze. Even the kids won’t be afraid again after their first visit to the DDS at Creve Coeur.

Services and treatments provided by a DDS should extend beyond dental procedures and include preventative procedures and education as well as early diagnosis of potential dental issues. A DDS must also act as a dental hygienist who encourages sound oral hygiene and related practices.

Dr. Humaira Rosinski is a highly skilled dental surgeon and dental hygienist and adopts a personalized approach to family and individual dentistry. At Creve Coeur, you will not only receive the best possible dental care but also advice and education regarding best practices in oral hygiene.

Visits to your DDS are only a small part of your oral hygiene. Any good dental hygienist will tell you that you need to practice oral hygiene in your daily life in order to avoid tooth decay and gum diseases. These include brushing, sound diet, using fluoride products, mouth rinsing, and possible fluoride supplements.