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Thursday, November 7th, 2013


Emergency Dentist | St Louis | Ladue | Frontenac | Creve Coeur

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Emergency Dentist Ladue Can Ease the Pain

Emergency Dentist St Louis? What am I talking about? Well, those teeth, of course. Have you never had such emergencies before?

It is said that tooth pains are among the most unbearable; and they are not too far from the truth. So… whenever such an emergency occurs, who do you contact? Do you have an emergency dentist Frontenac?

Knowing a professional emergency dentist from St Louis, Ladue, Frontenac, Creve Coeur, and Clayton can be a valuable asset whenever you are in need of urgent medical help.

How can a dentist help?

Dentists are good with treating teeth. It is their job, after all. But you may be wondering, “So what’s the drill?

Here it is:

First, the dentist will evaluate your teeth visually: are they cracked? What teeth are you missing? Do you have implants? Do you have tartar?

Then, they will ask you about the area which hurts (if it is not visible). Sometimes pain can be deceitful with teeth: you may feel that the lower right molar hurts, but in fact the upper right molar is affected. The dentist will have to locate the pain accordingly. In other cases the gingiva may be the cause of the pain; the dentist will have to identify the problem.

Most often patients who call an emergency dentist Creve Coueur are in great pain, so the dentist will administer painkillers in the form of injections.

Once all these things are covered, the dentist will start the procedure or treating your problem. Now, there are lots of reasons why you might be in pain, as there are lots of procedures which can solve the problem. Depending on the gravity of the situation, the dentist may act on the spot or they might book you for another appointment (if you need to take some medication before the intervention, for example).

Dental Implants | Clayton | St Louis | Ladue | Frontenac | Creve Coeur

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Dental Implants Frontenac Can Be A Solution to Dental Problems

Dental Implants

Dental implants St Louis and tooth restoration help overcome the problems associated with missing or broken teeth. Apart from the cosmetic issues, a missing tooth can cause many additional problems ranging from bone atrophy to jaw misalignment. It can even lead to the onset of tinnitus. Other practical problems include difficulties eating and chewing.  If you are missing a tooth or two, or have one or more broken teeth, don’t delay; consult with one of our expert dentists as soon as possible so we can remedy your situation.

Creve Coeur Dental Implants practitioners operate in St Louis, Ladue, Frontenac, Creve Coeur and Clayton where they perform tooth restorations, implants and cosmetic dentistry.

Our dental implants St Louis replace missing teeth and restore stability to your jawline. This improves your ability to eat, adds comfort to your mouth and helps prevent further dental and medical complications from arising.

Broken teeth can come about in many ways.  For example, if you still have fillings from the dark ages these may start to fall out. We restore broken teeth using advanced procedures and state of the art materials and devices. These procedures and materials include bonding, dentures, crowns, fillings and dental implants Ladue. When restoration is not practical or advisable we will perform an extraction which then leaves the door open for orthodontic implants and corrections.

You no longer need to suffer as a result of missing teeth, chipped teeth and related dental handicaps. Our modern cosmetic procedures are designed to improve appearance, provide comfort and restore functionality.

Call us today and learn how we can give you back that smile whilst restoring your ability to eat and chew normally again. Most of our procedures can be performed on the same day and do not involve temporary materials. In addition, these procedures are not painful and they are relatively inexpensive.

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Monday, July 1st, 2013

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Wednesday, January 30th, 2013





Wednesday, February 13th 9:00am – 5:00pm

premier preferred providerDr. Humaira Rosinski will be providing FREE consultations to answer your questions about Invisalign treatment, the clear way to straighten teeth. If you have wondered if Invisalign is right for you, make an appointment for this special event.

  • Complimentary teeth whitening – a $350 value
  • Complimentary records (x-rays, photos, impressions, etc.) – a $450 value
  • Office will match your first $500 towards treatment
  • 6 Month 0% Care Credit Financing Available
  • Space is limited to the first 10 appointments.

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