Affordable Dental Implants in St. Louis, MO

Restore your teeth by using either of the two common types of dental implants


Immediately get a dental implant done from your family dentist if you have lost one or more teeth few days back. Dental implants or endosseous implants are a method where the dental expert places an artificial tooth made up of titanium that is surgically fused in the jawbone. Even though they are a superb long-term option for tooth replacement feeling like real teeth, yet they are quite expensive. For those with missing teeth, dental supported bridges crowns and dentures can bring back the joy of simple activities, like- eating and chewing food easily. They are available in various sizes and heights, including standard and narrow. Our dentists at Creve Couere based in St. Louis are highly specialized in replacing missing teeth with titanium fixtures placed in the jawbone for supporting the missing teeth. If you are looking for affordable dental implants to missing dentures or teeth, you have surely come to the right place. Our dental implant experts is there to determining which of the two options is right for us depending on the tooth or teeth that need to be replaced:

  1. Endosteal implants (in the bone) which are surgically implanted directly into the jawbone are more or less shaped like small screws, plates or cylinders and they are the most commonly used type of dental implant. They are either made up of metal or ceramic materials.
  2. Subperiosteal implants (on the bone) consisting of a metal framework are placed on top of the jawbone but below the gum tissue. As the gums starts to heal, the frame becomes gets fitted to the jawbone. This kind of dental implant is used in those patients who have a shallow jawbone and are reluctant to undergo a method to re-build it.

Causes no problems

They are very versatile. Like other dental implant surgeries, none of these dental implant surgeries will pose any threat, such as- infection at the implanted area or sinus problems or nerve damage causing pain or numbness in the teeth or gum.

Learn more about the different procedures used to restore teeth using dental implants by clicking on our website- No matter whichever dental implants you are going for; just make sure you choose the right dental professional and the best dental implants.





Dentist Cost in St Louis, MO

A dentist who cares about your oral hygiene and your dentist cost

Most of us are concerned about three things when we visit a dentist – discomfort, pain and dentists cost. Let’s deal with dentist cost first. We all know it takes years of study and dedication to become a dentist so no one can deny a dentist his or her right to commensurate professional remuneration. But we will expect our dentist or dental facility to support a wide range of medical aid schemes and to offer related plans that will help ease the burden of dentists cost. Well that is exactly what you will find at the Creve Coeur dental facility in St Louis.

They will sit down with you and discuss the various plans as well as finance options that can help reduce your overall dentist cost. If you don’t have dental insurance they also offer solutions such as Delta plans that you can get for a couple of dollars a month. At Creve Coeur they care and will do everything legally possible to help ease the burden of dental cost. In addition they often have specials on certain treatments and procedures.  So if you want the best dental care in St Louis with the least amount of financial burden then you know where to go.


No one looks forward to a visit to the dentist. But at least when you visit a dentist at Creve Coeur you don’t have to worry about suffering excruciating pain and great discomfort, There sedation dentistry means little or no pain and slight discomfort at the worst.  So it is good to know where to find a dentist that cares, that is highly skilled and that can offer pain free dental treatments  and procedures.


So if you want to visit a dentist that offers advanced dental care and procedures with least pain and hassles, then Creve Coeur in St Lois is the place to go.

Gum Disease Treatment in St Louis, MO

Regular dentist visits will help prevent gum disease or periodontal disease


Gum disease (periodontal disease) is quite common and many people suffer from it.  Whether you mild gum disease or serious periodontal symptoms you should visit your dentist as soon as possible. If you are in St Louis then Creve Couere can help you with the appropriate treatment for gum disease.

Gum disease can result when plaque or tarter is not effectively removed. The bacteria in the tartar cab cause inflammation of the gum tissue which is known as gingivitis. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease but you should consult your dentist in order to prevent the condition from getting worse. Effective gum disease treatment will reverse gingivitis and prevent more costly and difficult dental procedures sown the line.

If you do not treat gingivitis quickly it can become worse and you could develop a condition known as periodontitis, which is an inflammation around one or more teeth. When your gum disease advances to a state of periodontitis you need urgent gum disease treatment, else the flesh around your teeth will pull away and from pockets that will become infected and result in further tissue decay and destruction.

There are many factors and life habits that increase the risk of gum disease. These include smoking, hormonal changes, diabetes, genetics and poor oral hygiene. Regular visits to your dentist will greatly reduce the risk of gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Gum disease mostly affects adults from the age of 30 onwards. This is often because of the build-up of plaque and tartar over the years. You dentist can remove plaque and this will reduce the risk of gum disease. Gum disease treatment will depend on the extent of the infection and can involve scaling, root-planing, laser treatment as well as medication. In more serious cases bone and tissue grafts may be required.

Gum Disease Treatment for St Louis, MO

Learn about the signs of gum disease and what is the proper gum disease treatment for you, in your area of St Louis


Gum disease is an affection which touches millions every year. Although people have been fighting this type of disease for a long period of time, it is now easier than ever to prevent and to treat it.

Technology has made such a huge difference in the medical world in the past decades that gum disease treatments look nothing like what they used to be a couple of years ago. If you have always had a problem regarding your dental health, you surely have fought gum disease too and maybe you are still fighting it at the moment as well.

So what are the signs that alert you about checking your dentist?

There are a couple of symptoms which are associated with gum disease and you definitely need to be careful about noticing and also taking care of them right at the moment you identify the problem.

Some of these signs refer to red gums that have the tendency of bleeding extremely easy. You can see this especially when you are brushing your teeth or are flossing. Also, you will have a bad taste and odor in your mouth most of the times, white spots or plaques on the gums or your gums will look like pulling away from the teeth.

These are the most common symptoms of a gum disease. In this case we are talking about gum gingivitis. But the list can go on when it comes to this type of gum diseases.

Your dentist is the only person who is capable of giving you proper gum disease treatment and you should check with him immediately if you see any of the signs above or anything suspicious in general.

Choosing the right dentist in your area of St Louis

How to make sure your dentist costs are appropriate – Choosing the right dentist in your area of St Louis


Going to the dentist is definitely not a pleasant situation, especially if you are faced with some serious issues regarding your dental health.

However, you need to think about finding the right dentist cabinet that will be able to take care of your problems not just for the moment, but in the future as well. The family dentist is going to be someone to fully trust and that will be able to deliver their best work for you and your loved ones.

Considering the dentist costs that you can find at the different cabinets in your area, you might be tempted to go for the cheaper ones. But what you should be really considering is the health and wellbeing of your entire family. Dentist costs can be really high most of the times, but you need to decide which cabinet can deliver the required results as well.

Your dental health is not something to be overlooked and it can seriously affect your wellbeing if you don’t address the issue in time. It’s not so much about the expensive treatment you will have to undergo, but more about the results you expect and your overall content at the end of the process.

A professional dentist will always offer you a suitable treatment and not the most expensive one. You need to be able to trust your dentist and one way you can do that is by going through his online reviews, checking with your friends for advice and ultimately, see things for yourself.

If you are not satisfied with the results your dentist has provided, you can always find a better alternative. In the meantime, you need to make sure you are always picking quality over costs.

Affordable Dentist/Dental in St Louis, MO

Affordable and professional dental care in St Luois


If you are looking for affordable dental care that is professional and pain free then you need look no further than Creve Couere in St Louis. When you are looking for a dentist you want one that is not only an expert and dental medicine and dental surgery, but one that is compassionate, understanding. This way you get the kind of superior dental treatment that exceeds expectations.

You don’t need to be stuck with a dentist that does not meet your expectations. You should explore dental options and find a dentist that you and your family are comfortable with. Many will say Dr Rosinksi of Creve Couere is your go to person when you need a top notch DDS in St Louis.

Sometimes you may hear the terms or acronyms DDS and DMD. Well they are basically the same thing. DDS stands for Doctor of Dental Surgery and DMD stands for Doctor of Medicine in Dentistry or Doctor of Dental Medicine. Both qualifications are the same and based on the same curriculum.

It takes many years of study and training to become a dentist. In order to obtain a DDS, candidates must also pass difficult and rigorous tests and exams before they can qualify and practice dentistry. A dentist who has qualified with a DDS or DMD degree can also do post-graduate training and become a specialist as well such as orthodontist or periodontist.

Apart from professional dental care you also want affordable dental care. Some dentist such as than Creve Couere in St Louis offer dental financing options and plans and they also take time to understand you overall dental and oral hygiene requirements. They will work with to find ways to lower your overall dental costs. It is possible to find affordable and professional dental care in St Louis.

Gum Disease Treatment in St Louis, MO

Prevention is the best form gum disease treatment

If you have gum disease it is important to go the right dentist for gum disease treatment. Well if you live in St Louis, or find yourself in St Louis or can get there then you don’t need to look much further than the Creve Coeur dental clinic. Mild gum disease can easily be reversed without invasive surgery.

Gum disease a.k.a. periodontal disease can range from basic gum inflammation to advanced periodontitis which can result in major damage to soft tissue around the teeth and can eventually lead to loss of teeth.

Since your mouth is home to a lot of bacteria and other particles plaque is always a problem and when plaque hardens if will form a tartar that no amount of brushing will solve. Only a qualified dentist can remove tartar.

The bacteria from plaque ad tartar can lead to infection and inflammation of the gums that can result in gingivitis. Symptoms of gingivitis include swelling, redness, sensitivity and even bleeding. If gingivitis has set in you will definitely need gum disease treatment before the condition gets worse and periodontitis sets in. Then the gum repair job gets a whole lot bigger and more complicated.

It is important to visit your dentist regularly so your teeth can be properly cleaned and conditions such as gingivitis and periodontitis can be prevented. After all, prevention is always better than cure. Once gum disease has set in your dentist will work to control the infection and eventually eliminate the infection.

Your dentist or periodontist will remove plaque and tarter through deep cleaning methods such as root planning and scaling. If your gum disease is more serious you may need to undergo dental surgery such as flap surgery or even bone and tissue grafts. So before it gets that bad rather visit your dentist or periodontist for normal preventative dental care.

Family Dentist in St. Louis, MO

A compassionate family dentist is an important element of family dentistry

Family dentistry that is reliable, professional and affordable is what most people look for. Then when you add state-of-art dental technology and a compassionate family dentist that really cares about the oral hygiene of you and your family, then you have pretty much found the perfect family dentist. And that is exactly the type of family dentistry you will find at Creve Couere in St Louis. There you will find a caring yet professional team that offers a wide spectrum of dental services and solutions. And once the kids have been there you won’t need to drag them in kicking and screaming the next time.


It is important that your kids practice proper oral hygiene from a young age. After all some kids start teething at the tender age of 3 months while others might only start teething after a year. Once your kids start teething they should brush their teeth with specially formulated toothpaste designed for kids. Adult toothpaste contains more fluoride than kids need and since they often swallow excessive fluoride can be toxic.


At around the age of 3 your child should have his or her first dental examination. Now when you have a compassionate and caring family dentist this process is a lot easier. You should take your child to the dentist before dental problems develop. This way your kids first visit to the dentist won’t be traumatic and future problems can be avoided. Thereafter your child should have bi-annual dental check-ups to ensure healthy teeth and that beautiful smile we all desire. Regular visits to your family dentist are an essential part of oral hygiene and it is proactive step that enables your dentist to identify and correct minor problems before they become major ones.


Of course family dentistry is about the whole family and whether you need teeth whitening, cosmetic procedures, implants, crowns, veneers or inlays, you can rely on the compassionate team at Creve Couere for professional and state-of-the-art dental solutions.

Invisalign Braces in St. Louis, MO

Invisalign braces for teeth straitening without the awkward smile


Remember the old days of ugly metal braces that stood out like a sore thumb?  Well they may have helped to pull your teeth straight but they did not do much for your self-esteem.  Now new Invisalign braces changes all that – well the self-esteem part anyway. People especially teenagers have much better self-esteem when wearing Invisalign clear braces rather than ugly metal aligners. If you need braces but don’t want to compromise your smile then you should get clear Invisalign braces. If you live in St Louis then you can get smart Invisalign braces at Creve Couere dental practice.


When it comes to Invisalign treatment you need to consult a dentist that is trained in the art of Invisalign treatment. Choosing a doctor with the right experience can make all the difference. For example Dr Rosinski of Creve Coeur Dental has years of experience in cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign treatments.

It’s never too late to straighten your teeth but of course its so much better to do have it done at a young age.  After all who wants crooked teeth? Well maybe if you are at retirement age you have learnt to live with it, but if you are still young you don’t have to go through life with crooked teeth and an awkward smile. Invisalign braces represent some of the latest dental and orthodontic advances. These clear braces can straighten your teeth without pain or hassle. And what’s great is that you can remove your clear plastic Invisalign braces when eating, drinking or brushing.

Now all you need is the right doctor to fit your Invisalign braces.  Dr Rosinski is a specialist in cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and Invisalign treatments. Soon you too can have that flawless Colgate smile that seemed to be the domain of glamour models and super stars.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction in St Louis, MO

Tooth extraction pain – Dry socket condition

Have you just had a tooth extraction? Are you experiencing any post-tooth extraction pain? There are many reasons why people are in pain after extracting their teeth. After all, that’s a wound right there in your mouth, so it’s normal to hurt.

However, increased pain and discomfort are not normal. In today’s article you’ll find some of the causes that might bring you increased discomfort. If you are in St Louis you should get in contact with a qualified dental care company to help you figure out what happened and what needs to be done next.

Dry socket

Dry socket condition is the most common (and temporary) dental condition that may cause tooth extraction pain. This happens because the underlying nerves and bones are exposed. If you are a smoker, use birth control pills, you don’t have a proper oral hygiene, or you have a history of dry socket it is more possible that the condition might occur after a tooth extraction event.

What’s next?

The best thing you can do when experiencing tooth extraction pain is to call your dentist. If you have already been diagnosed with dry socket your dentist will clean the socket and prescribe a treatment for you. It is possible that your dentist will prescribe you an antibiotic so the area doesn’t get infected.

When at home is it important to follow the instructions your dentist gave you. Wash every day with special mouthwash and clean with salt water.

For better results avoid smoking for as long as possible. If you are taking any other medication talk with your dentist about it; birth controls can damage the ability of the blood to clog. Try to eat soft foods so you don’t get fragments of food in the socket.

If you are experiencing tooth extraction pain or you need more information about it contact the specialists from Creve Couere in St. Louis.